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I am considering using this site as the base for an emerging business. I have considered developing custom games as well as database driven training software for potential customers. In the meantime it will serve as my interface with the public (yes, that includes you), making it possible to try out new ideas and products.

Why Games ?

Games exercise aspects of intelligence and facilitate development of the human mind.

For example, the Rodent's Revenge game requires strategic planning as well as precise and skilled execution of the plan. This is the only way in which to win the game at higher game levels, such as at game level 5. Haphazard or ad hoc play invariably lead to exhaustion of resources and (rodent) death.

Sudoku requires the puzzle solver to recognize, understand, and internalize logical rules. Any play that is not made according to a sound rule may result in an invalid game position, not leading to the puzzle solution.

Intelligence and Games

Intelligence relates to our modeling of the world and how we fit ourselves into it.

Entities exists in the brain that recognize relationships and patterns. They are responsible for abstracting rules, and building the hierarchies by which we navigate the world. The efficiency of these entities determines how "smart" we are, as reflected by the metric, IQ.

In the current context the obvious question is then, can games be developed that systematically build human intelligence? Regarding facilitating development of rules and rule hierarchies the answer is a resounding yes! The pragmatic will then drag their feet asking, OK then how is this to be done optimally?

Taking a step back there is a broader question as to whether the mentioned entities that recognize relationships and patterns, those responsible for putting together the rules that are commonly associated with intelligence, can be augmented or further developed through properly designed games, essentially raising IQ.

For the answers to these and other questions, stay tuned ...