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Rodent's Vengeance for Android

Rodent's Vengeance for Android is available in two flavors. In addition to the standard version of the game, Rodent's Vengeance the Sampler has been added as a free alternative, for the thrifty and those who would just like to try the game out.

By request diagonal, horizontal and vertical moves are supported. For rodent control both swipe and tap gestures are available. There are now five tap gesture methods. If you prefer keyboard play, Rodent's Vengeance can handle a bluetooth keyboard and even a physical keyboard if present. The video below demonstrates game features

  • implements diagonal, horizontal and vertical rodent moves
  • game board size 23 x 23 game piece widths
  • 50 levels of game play
  • rodent controlled by simple touch screen swipe and tap gestures
  • rodent may also be controlled by physical keyboard, using three interfaces
  • current game is saved when interrupted, or when you exit
  • yarn activity can be turned off
  • cat smarts can be selected, for more challenging play
  • cats can be blindfolded for practice play
  • and much, much more!
I have been playing the game at my own favorite play level, level 5, using the touch screen interface. My typical strategy is to create large pens, draw the cats in, and then close the door behind them. The Android game plays just like the original and is just a satisfying!

For those who panic when under attack by the cats and begin flailing in all directions, I have just added the tap scamper mode. Just tap on an empty square and the game rodent will scamper to find a path to the tap point. You can get away fast or move to your next desired destination with dispatch.

Here is a You Tube video demonstrating Rodent's Vengeance for Android:

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